Problems are chance for you

Business means risk and problems. This is really hard job and not everyone should make own firm. Even smart people really quickly discovers that there is no place for mistake and slow work. This creates demand on solutions that will make work faster and faster. This will never end, so if someone entered on market with services that supports entrepreneurs, he made right choice. When first company implements good tool that increase its profits, than appears early followers, who also implements it into company systems. First users generates profits thanks to new solutions, but after some time, these solutions becomes business standard. This means that they don’t bring profits, but companies that don’t uses it are less efficient and finally may fall or loses customers.

So resolving problems of business customers may be really good branch and niche for starting companies. For example: grooving Internet traffic is opportunity for companies that may offer the same products and services for more customers. But there is second side of progress – today all data is worth fortune, because allows to earn on selling customized services and commercials. Companies must protect privacy of clients and their secret data, that is used for segmentation. So firms looking for security specialists and cyber security software. This is sector, where young firms may grow to big corporations.

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