Devices in company

In the world where everything must be fast: travels, information exchange, production, meetings, corporation and even small business can’t allow to their IT systems stop. All business actors must make their systems certain and operational. Without this work inside company is blocked – employees can’t do their work, can’t find new customers, can’t realize orders, can’t find necessary information.

So what to do, to make all systems ready to use all time? Administrators must implement system which allow to control health of all devices belonged to company – the best if it is possible to make it remotely. They must make buck-ups of all operating systems and important date, to bring it after breakdown in several minutes. But before they do that, administrators and directors must as first map out strategy of purchasing.

Company must know when to by new computers, disks for servers, printers, routers and other stuff. Can not to buy new expensive devices accidentally. All devices and software must be tested in how to work with company systems, what employees which will use it, thinks about this. Also if new purchases makes their job right. So there is need to make specifications, find producers, test it before company will buy anything.

Later, when all purchases are made, is time to implement new devices, programs or solutions. Introduce employees, optimize it, connect to network, install all patches and necessary software. To make maintenance easier, company should invest in it asset management. This is set of tools, which help to administrate all IT systems and devices. It control condition of network and computers, has database with all stuff, where is its history. Also it allow to make decision, when to resell old devices and buy new.

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