Barter for bad times?

Every time when core banking system is falling down, people are coming back to primitive trade. Think about it – when economy of country is ruined, how looks value of its currency? – Yes, its money are worth nothing. Also currency of neighborhoods countries falls, but only partly. So if crisis is only local, then people in ruined country uses cash from others countries, which have better situation.

But what to do, when crisis is global or include all continent? So in this situation value of money is very low. Then can with meat is worth more than 100$! Of course, we can forget about digital payments. So if cash don’t work and credit cards don’t work – what to do? I think, that when core banking systems are broken, then we must go back to barter. First good which is in mind, when we are talking about barter is gold or jewelry. But i think that with these may be problems, because they have big value, so buying small things for it, like coat or pants, is very difficult. Also,. Even if values is big, it shrink when situation become worse. So finally gold coins may by worth less than can with meat – this is from relations from besieged city.

But good news it that you may protect your family for economic crisis and war by buying things, that now are cheap, but when troubles are very expensive. These things may be: bandages, antibiotics, matches, batteries, flashlight, kerosene lamps, candles, choppers and tools.

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